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Low Pressure Direct Wetback cylinder

Domestic Cylinders - More Information

All cylinders are pre-wired and include an element and consumer adjustable thermostat

Low pressure cylinders
have a long life copper barrel and operate at up to 75kPa (7.6metre) head.
Medium Pressure Cylinders
have a long life copper barrel and operate at up to 120kPa (12 metre) head for greater water pressure and improved shower flow.
The direct wetback option
can be fitted to all low pressure cylinders (except undersinks) installed open vented. This provides water heating from appropriately setup solid fuel burners. Wetback fittings can have a left, right or bottom orientation.
Mains and Medium pressure wetback
cylinders have a heating coil which transfers heat from an appropriately setup wetback system to the cylinder. This gives the advantage of higher water pressure together with the energy savings from the wetback system.
Solar or Heat Pump hot water cylinders
are supplied to manufacturers and installers of solar/heatpump hot water systems with direct and indirect (coil) options. Solar/Heatpump connections or coils can be fitted to all domestic cylinders (except undersink units).
Special Systems
can be made to order, including combined wetback & solar or heatpump, additional fittings and coils etc. Please contact us if you require assistance specifying a cylinder to suit your plumbing and heating requirements.
Quick recovery element option
is an additional element installed in the cylinder to provide extra heating during periods of heavy demand. The quick recovery element is generally installed higher in the cylinder (eg top 1/3) and normally requires a separate electrical connection.